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It is very unlikely that your house-bound small pet will pick up fleas and lice, but animals kept outside may do so. Ringworm, which is a fungal infection, can be contracted from damp bedding and other infected animals. It causes patchy hair loss with dry, flaky areas.

Rodents Health

A chinchilla at Cosy Critters

Overgrown Incisors

Many Rodents teeth are kept short by the action of gnawing wood and other hard materials. Occasionally the teeth become too long. If this happens the vet will have to clip or file the teeth, and you will have to ensure that gnawing materials are available to the animal.

Wounds and Scratches

Most wounds and scratches are caused by the rodent ctaching itself on a rough piece of wood or metal, or by fighting. Many rodents skin heals very quickly. Wounds however should be bathed in a mild antiseptic lotion once a day. If the wound is very deep or becomes infected, you will have to see the vet.


A chest infection, draughts or dust can cause eye problems. The eyes may appear red, inflamed or may have discharge. Wipe away any discharge with a piece of cotton wool soaked in 0.5% saline solution and dry the face with a piece of cotton wall.